What should i look for when booking a luxurious car rental vehicle or package deal?

As the saying goes, the bigger the better. This is not the case with car rental. Luxury cars that are rented vary in shape and size. If you don't need a big car, getting one can get you into a lot of trouble.

Your fuel consumption can be cumbersome. They are difficult to drive and it is difficult to find parking for them on narrow streets. Use a third-party site, such as Travelocity or Expedia, to compare rates from car rental agencies. On Hotwire, you can see the price and type of car, for example, compact or SUV, but you won't see the name of the rental company until you've paid.

You can also try to bid a low price on a rental car on Priceline. As with Hotwire, if your offer is accepted, Priceline will immediately charge you for rent and the money will not be refundable. Always check to see if your credit card has similar benefits. Often, these discounts can be applied to your rental by booking through a specific portal or using a designated discount code.

To help travelers find the best possible deal, compare the best travel booking websites side by side and detail the features and benefits of each. He has spoken about travel rewards at CardCon, at the Altitude conference, and on AwardWallet's Award Travel 101 podcast.

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