What are the best luxury airlines?

So, when you fly to the clouds, choose one of the most luxurious airlines to start your long journey with a first-class flying experience. Equipped with the first business class sliding door in their suites, Qatar Airways' opulent seating options offer a private oasis in the sky. From designer pajamas to a delicious à la carte menu and LCD screen, this airline has it all. Launching its successful commercial aircraft company in 1947, Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of Singapore.

This airline is one of the official flag airlines of the United Arab Emirates. With a touch of glamour in every way, flying first class on Etihad Airways is a five-star experience from start to finish. At Abu Dhabi International Airport, you'll find the impressive Etihad First Lounge, with a gym and bar. When traveling in first class with Emirates, passengers enjoy total privacy in their suite.

Floor-to-ceiling privacy doors protect you from noise and ensure you get a good night's sleep. The A380 and Boeing 777 private suites have a fully flat bed and Bowers Wilkins E1 noise-cancelling headphones designed specifically for Emirates. There is a luxurious collection of Byredo skincare products and access to the A380 Shower Spa. With a slogan like “Depart the Everyday”, it's easy to understand why this airline has made the (top) cut.

A glass of champagne and a seat that turns into a completely flat bed: the upper class of Virgin Atlantic is an experience that there is no doubt about it. The luxurious living room on board The Loft, available on the Airbus A350, is a great place to create a workspace away from the designated seat. So, be sure to pack your laptop's power bank if you plan to work on board. This captivating commercial airline is Japan's first international airline, established in 1951, and is still one of the world's elite airlines.

With passengers flying since 1952, a premium flight from this airline never goes out of style. Adorned with a minimalist style of Swiss craftsmanship, this first-class cabin brings a touch of refinement to your secluded sanctuary. Known as the largest airline in Japan, this 5-star airline brings a sense of lift and awe to your onboard experience. All Nippon Airways offers flights to more than 50 domestic and 25 international destinations.

Its new 777-300ER cabs have the widest first-class seats in the world, at 38 inches wide. The first-class suites, known simply as The Suite, have a separate housing seat with a 43-inch 4K TV monitor. Founded in 1946 by former Air Force pilots Roy Farrell and Sydney de Kantzow, Cathay Pacific has been voted the best airline in the world four times at the World Airline Awards. Adorned with 600-thread linens and delicious charcuterie boards, boarding this flight adds a sense of cultured elegance to your first-class travel experience.

Fancy a bubble bath or shower after a long flight? The five temperature-controlled cabins at The Wing, Cathay Pacific's first-class VIP lounge in Hong Kong, are the perfect solution to allay travel anxiety. On board, you'll enjoy spacious 36-inch seats for first-class flights. With the epitome of flamboyance and the best services since 1974, this UK flag carrier is the best of the best. The full first-class flat bed has a microfiber and foam mattress topper and 400-thread bed linen, so that passengers feel as if they are falling asleep in a cloud of pampering.

Founded nearly four decades ago, the wonderful airline has gone from strength to strength over the years with great onboard deals, such as nail and cocktail salons, seatback entertainment, and a warm, friendly crew. Even in the economy section, passengers receive amenities such as hot towels and a welcome cocktail. For longer routes, the airline has fully flat beds and a 5-star menu on the upper level for the ultimate luxury experience. By enjoying a close partnership with Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic will resume six major US routes that had been suspended since the start of the pandemic.

Singapore Airlines proudly represents the values and spirit for which the country is famous: first-class hospitality, exceptional dining options and incredible punctuality. The airline holds the record for the longest continuous flight: the 19-hour nonstop route between New York and Changi in its modern custom A350 aircraft. Singapore Airlines is an industry leader when it comes to unique offerings, including a meticulously designed wellness program and a unique catering service from farm to plane. Singapore Airline suites allow total privacy in an enclosed cabin.

For traveling couples, the privacy wall can be retracted and the two seats can be folded into a double bed. Travelers can enjoy private check-in and luxurious living room services, as well as food and beverages upon request. Do you want to enjoy breakfast in bed at 3 in the morning?. Someone is always available to help you at all times with whatever you need to comfortably enjoy your first class flight.

While the bathrooms leave much to be desired compared to those at Emirates, a ticket also costs much less. A trip aboard Etihad Airways is sure to be a luxury trip that travelers will remember. When you fly first class, an Etihad chauffeur will take you to the airport. After the priority check-in process, you can relax in the First Lounge while you prepare to board.

Once on board, you can enjoy a private suite that offers à la carte meals, boutique wines and seats that transform into a fully reclining bed. Each flight includes an Aqua Di Parma toiletries kit and the Etihad team of wellness ambassadors is on hand to guarantee you a relaxing flight. Our High Class Cabin. Singapore Airlines.

Qatar Airways is a renowned airline that offers incredible short and long flights, whether for business trips to countries neighboring Qatar or for luxury stays in Australia and other faraway countries. Its luxurious first-class flights live up to that reputation, and seats often sell out as soon as they are available. Qatar Airways' spacious cabin offers total privacy and extraordinary comfort. Your seat becomes an ultra comfortable and totally flat bed that is capable of making you forget that you are thousands of feet above the ground.

Etihad Airways is recognized as one of the most luxurious airlines and has a first-class experience to match. The first taste of the pampering you can expect on board is having a chauffeur to take you to some airports. Etihad Airways has an à la carte menu with excellent restaurants and informal selections cooked to perfection. Combine your meals with one of the offerings from the airline's impressive list of wine boutiques, and the crew will be happy to recommend the best combinations.

Air France offers first class passengers luxury in its “La Première” from the moment they make the reservation. He has a personal driver at some airports who takes him to a concierge who gives him priority during boarding and leaving the plane. At Air France La Première, comfort and sophistication are the order of the day. The soft leather, suede, subtle wood, and metallic finishes are sure to catch your eye.

Enjoy a wealth of entertainment with more than 650 hours of on-demand entertainment on a touchscreen system while seated in a comfortable seat. British Airways, synonymous with luxury in the United Kingdom, pampers its guests with first-class luxury private suites. Passengers quickly pass through security control on the way to the aircraft. In collaboration with Temperley London, British Airways spoils him with a bag of items for him and her with luxury skincare products.

After all is said and done, let the crew turn your seat into a flat bed with a microfiber mattress and 400 thread count linens. Emirates is known for transporting passengers on luxury flights, and its first-class cabins don't disappoint. The experience essentially becomes a hotel room in the sky with incredible comfort. Singapore Airlines offers one of the most luxurious first-class experiences of any airline.

Passengers have large and spacious seats upholstered in full-grain leather with mahogany ornaments. This is not just a meticulous seat, as it can be converted into a bed that offers excellent sleeping comfort. Keep in touch with friends and family with free Wi-Fi, or spend time glued to the monitor with more than 1,000 entertainment options. Whatever you decide to do, the Singapore Airlines crew will be ready to take care of your needs throughout the flight.

Qantas starts the journey long before you sit down in its luxurious airplane seats. Passengers can enjoy a pre-flight massage at Australia's incredible spa or spend their time in the bespoke waiting room. Choose from the great deals on the exclusive lounge menu created by Neil Perry. Just before retiring to your luxurious room with Sheridan bedding, refresh yourself with the toiletries kits for men or women and put on your 100% cotton pajamas and matching slippers from Qantas First.

With award-winning safety standards, rest assured you'll be in good hands. Lufthansa's first-class experience is so detail-oriented that you'd swear you're the only first-class passenger on board. .

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