What are the best luxury train journeys?

The world's best luxury train trips The Eastern %26 Oriental Express. One of the most glamorous trains in the world, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express could also be the most famous. When you think of the golden age of train travel, this experience is that image that the mind evokes. But just because we live in the era of jet planes doesn't mean you can't enjoy the glamour of old-school luxury trains, as this train offers trips all over Europe.

Another luxury train from Belmond, the Andean Explorer, is an impressive 16-car train that runs along the highest railway route in the world, in Peru. With a mix of modern and bright design with Peruvian touches, such as cushions with bright tassels, the train itself has a fresh, fun and welcoming feel. While most luxury train trips focus more on the train experience than on the stops you make along the way, The Vietage in Vietnam is a little different. Created as a luxurious way for guests to travel between the Anantara Hoi An resort and the villas of Anantara Quy Nhon, The Vietage is a private train car with prior reservation that makes daily trips to and from Da Nang to Quy Nohn.

But don't think it's exclusive to guests at those resorts. Anyone can travel by train in Vietnam's most luxurious experience. With space for just 12 people in six cabins, The Vietage offers guests ample opportunities to enjoy three-course meals with Vietnamese and French flavors, drink a cocktail tailored to the carriage's mixologist, enjoy a shoulder massage, or simply sit in the comfortable chairs and contemplate the Vietnam landscape at full speed. On the return trip in the afternoon, sleeping cabins can be reserved in advance.

In Southeast Asia, there's no better train experience than Belmond's Eastern %26 Oriental Express, which travels between major cities, such as Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). With a rich interior filled with wood-paneled walls, silk furniture, and subtle nods to Asian design, the train itself is spotless. Although the Australian railway company Journey Beyond offers a handful of train experiences that travel around the country, Eric Rosen, from TPG, experienced the trip through the Great South personally. During the three-night itinerary from Brisbane to Adelaide, Rosen opted for the Platinum superior service class, which included a room with a private bathroom.

It was comfortable, although he thought the shower was small. Train travel is different in Scotland and conjures up images of perfect bridges, such as the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which became famous for its appearance in the Harry Potter movie saga. Although the train to Hogwarts is fictional (or so the Muggles tell us), Belmond's Royal Scotsman is just as magical. With itineraries that range from tours of the scenic wonders of Scotland to multi-day experiences with Scotch malt whiskey, this train is the way to see and be seen in Scotland.

Yes, those tight neighborhoods still exist for some, but the revival of luxury trains, more like those of a hotel on wheels, has transformed the appeal of traveling slowly. With more and more people trying to adopt slow travel habits (and also those looking for new luxury experiences), the popularity of train travel has increased exponentially in recent years. Let yourself be swept up in the glamour of yesteryear and enjoy slow overland transportation with luxury train travel. Little by little, it became the everyday traveler's wagon, and train travel began to be associated more with long delays and the search for seats than with luxury activities.

Whether you're exploring the Andes or scouring a Japanese island at full speed, traveling by luxury train proves that flying around a country is much more interesting when viewed from the mainland. Often referred to as the world's most luxurious train, Japan's Seven Stars cruise train combines old-school luxury with technologically advanced railroad. One of his most famous films, The Darjeeling Limited, talks about the director's love for luxurious train travel.

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