Planning a Family Getaway to Park Rapids, MN – Tips to Make Sure It’s a Great Vacation for All

Planning a Family Getaway to Park Rapids, MN – Tips to Make Sure It’s a Great Vacation for All

Planning a family holiday can be easier said than done. While mom and dad may be looking for a little rest and relaxation, the kids are likely looking for a slew of activities and entertainment options to keep them busy. What this means is that you need to find a destination that offers a bit of everything, checking off everyone’s boxes for what makes for a perfect getaway.

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Park Rapids, MN may just be that perfect family vacation destination. Just as the adults dream of, you can find a quiet, out of the way resort for relaxation, but the kids won’t find themselves trapped in boredom, as Park Rapids is known for its variety of activities, with a strong focus on the outdoors. Here are some tips and activities that you may want to consider, meant to make that family vacation a memorable one.

Picking the Perfect Accommodations

When it comes to the most important element of your holiday, it usually comes down to the accommodations. The size of the room, the style of the hotel or resort, and the location can literally make or break your holiday. Half Moon Trail Resort is described as a “classic Minnesota family lake resort”. It’s one of the premier resorts in MN and manages to give families a little bit of everything.

The adults will revel in the beauty of the well-kept grounds and that quiet cabin/lodge atmosphere, while the kids will find plenty to keep them busy between the pool, a lake with a sandy beach, video games, billiards, ping pong, board games, an old-fashioned ice-cream counter, a kids play area, and more.

Exploring Park Rapids

Of course, if you’re visiting Park Rapids, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity and do a little exploring. The area is known for its wide selection of golf courses, and more than 400 lakes that are perfect for fishing. If your family enjoys hiking, then a stroll through the jack pine Northwoods is a must-do. Kids will enjoy taking a few spins around the go-cart track at Evergreen Gifts & Fun Park, while those with an adventurous side can do a little ziplining at the Character Challenge Course.

Outside of the adventure activities, Park Rapids also offers other ways to keep the family busy. Park Rapids Downtown is where you’ll find a selection of shops that sell just about everything and anything you can imagine. There are even some neat thrift stores. There are also a wide variety of restaurants that specialize in Scandinavian, German, and Italian cuisine – or comfort foods, as people lovingly refer to them.

No Shortage of Options

What Park Rapids offers is variety, which means no matter what your family enjoys they are sure to find it in Park Rapids. This means you can combine a few different vacation-styles into one trip, so everyone is going to go home with great memories.

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