Travel to Chennai, for a short and sweet holiday

Chennai differs from Kolkata in a lot of ways, so making that first trip to the South Indian city can be quite an experience!

Chennai is a fascinating city if you’re coming from Kolkata. Nestled on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, it is South India’s largest cultural, economic and educational centre.

Chennai has many records to its name: India’s safest city, the largest metropolitan areas in the world, the health tourism capital of India, etc. Being such a huge metropolitan area, Chennai allows one to plan a small but interesting vacation without leaving the urban comforts and facilities of the city. But do remember that it is one of India’s most visited cities, and although flights are frequent and many, it is wise to pre-book. Even long-distance flights, like Kolkata to Chennai flights are usually heavily booked.

Here are a few things that one can explore within the urban expanse of Chennai:

Monuments: Chennai houses some of the most unique architectural monuments, hugely diverse in style and chronology. The oldest buildings in the city date from the 7th and 8th centuries. Built in the Dravidian, Agraharam and Pallava styles of architecture, these ancient temples and houses have stood the test of time. Showcasing the Mughal and British era, the later structures reflect the blending of traditional architecture with the Saracenic and Gothic styles. As the years rolled by, Neo-Gothic, Art Deco and Modernism have also left their imprint on the city’s multifaceted architecture.

Art and Music: Chennai has the distinction of housing one of the oldest museums and art galleries in India. Built in the early 18th century, the Government Museum and National Art Gallery are managed by the Archaeological Society. Fort Museum, yet another repository houses the first flag of India as well as India’s Declaration of Independence. Then there are two art festivals annually in the city, along with numerous music festivals and theatre events. The most notable are The Madras Music Season and the Chennai Sangamam. Keep in mind the huge crowds that these festivals draw and book your Kolkata to Chennai flights well in advance along with your accommodations.

Food: The coconut-based gravies and dishes of Chennai are vastly different from the panch phoran and mustard oil-based cuisine of Bengal. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians can both have their fill from a menu that is rich, diverse and exhaustive. The list is endless…steaming idlis, dosas and vadas dunked in spicy sambaar accompanied by coconut chutney. There’s also the Chettinad chicken and hot Madras fish curry on a steaming mound of rice. Chennai’s food can be the sole reason to book your Kolkata to Chennai flight today.

There’s so much to explore in Chennai and you will have your hands full if you’re planning a short trip here. There are a lot of other things that you can explore, so book your holiday today!

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