Transportation by public transport during the Christmas holidays: what is convenient?

Transportation by public transport during the Christmas holidays: what is convenient?

Tourists who love to travel often choose to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in the name of travel and family. But how do these vacationers get around? There are those who rely on Airport Transfer services and those who love the car. Let’s see together what is preferred and how it is more convenient to move in such chaotic days.


The passion for four wheels, as well as being attentive and responsible, it should be said, “guides” the choices of those who have decided to leave by car: almost nine out of ten in fact, loves to drive, and declares to have opted for this solution for the great freedoms offered by the vehicle, such as the ability to leave at your own pace and at any time and the freedom to listen to loud music and stop at any time (13%). Only 9% use the car because they consider it cheaper, while 6% will take advantage of the beauties of our Peninsula and the trip to organize an on-the-road between several cities. Moreover, the car also turns out to be a strategic means for those who have not had time to buy all the Christmas gifts, since a good part of tourists confess that they have bought or are planning to buy last minute gifts in highway. A useful loophole which is particularly popular with young people aged 18 to 34, which rises to 19%.


if Christmas is with your family, the New Year is no less, but given the chaos in the most popular cities, it will be better to use the plane. If you have decided that you want to exchange romantic greetings with your partner, you will need to book an idyllic holiday in the places he loves. Unlike millennials, for whom the company of friends becomes essential for having fun on the last night of the year, the older ones prefer quiet areas, so they book in special poets where they can fly in me that is not told. The fact remains that almost everyone still prefers the car, a favorite vehicle also for the New Year holidays. All that remains is to decide where and by what means to go and then discover the best place to spend the end of a year and the beginning of another. Whatever your intention, remember that you can rely on many convenient and economical transport services from every point of view.

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