Planning an NYC trip is never easy as you have to factor in a lot of things. Since the city is big, vast and full of glitz, you need to prepare well in advance to deal with it perfectly. From sightseeing to eating out, getting around the city, to renting an accommodation, there’s a lot to think over. Plus, you can’t leave out the unpredictable weather and tourist expenses as both of these can hit you the hardest. In a way, you need to be ready to expect a lot of the unexpected, and this is what NYC is all about. Even then, plan your trip with care and make sure you have everything mapped out in advance.

Things to Expect in NYC

Here’s a list of things to expect in NYC:

Noise, Traffic and Lots of People

Let’s admit it, NYC is a noisy city and the streets are always full of cars and people. Being that it is a metropolis, you should not expect deserted streets, noise-less walkways and crowd-free shopping places. It’s the noise and chaos on the streets that lend a unique appeal to the Big Apple and make it one of the liveliest places on the planet. Noise should not be a worry as there are parks and gardens to escape the city life and find a moment of peace.

It is Incredibly Expensive

NYC is a pricey destination and you should expect things to come at a premium, at least most of them. No matter where you choose to eat, drink and explore, you will have to cough up a steep amount unless you know the city and its places well. Don’t get shell-shocked if you find shopping, tours, bars, pubs being beyond reach at times!

Great Deals Need Some Searching

Get ready to hop on towards areas or places with more amenable prices if the rates in the main city feel like they’re too much. Avoid eating, shopping and drinking in areas like Midtown and the Upper East Side and rather go for the Lower East Side for things to be more cost-effective.

Free Events and Activities are there to Enjoy

NYC may be an expensive place, but it nonetheless has a lot to enjoy even on a low budget. Free events take place year-round and across locations, so no need to splurge on admission prices. At museums, no need to pay full fees as most of them come with suggested prices. You can enjoy public parks and make your New York sightseeing a pleasing experience.

It’s Way More than Manhattan Alone

While visualizing NYC, most of us often fail to see beyond Manhattan and often think it alone to symbolize Gotham. Well, we’re mistaken for thinking that way since the great city is made up of five boroughs and each of them is unique in it’s own way. You just can’t visit any of these single boroughs and assume to have visited Gotham completely.

The Subway may be Affordable but Not Noise-free

You have decided to use the subway to save time and money on getting around the city. It’s fine but don’t expect to move around escaping the usual NYC noise. You just can’t, given the ear-splitting ride the subway is notorious for, courtesy the constant chatters commuters engage in.