There are quite a lot of exotic destinations which are likely to capture your attention. However, if you are looking for a mix of everything, the Philippines should be next on your bucket list. Getting to the Philippines is very easy via plane. There are a lot of cheap flight comparison websites such as Travangelo who can help you get your trip booked quickly and effectively.  With this in mind, below you will find a few interesting things which should most certainly convince you that this should be your next travel destination.

Paradise Beaches and Picturesque Islands

If you have ever tried to imagine how Heaven looks like, well, there are so many spots in the Philippines which are likely to resemble your wildest dreams. You would most definitely be astounded by the pristine waters, golden beaches and everything in between – it truly is a spot to visit.

The People

In comparison to other countries, the people in the Philippines are much friendlier for some reason. Walking around the streets and making new friends will never be easier than when you are here. The truth is that this is going to attribute to a great vacation, regardless of the particular point that you decide to visit. The locals are going to make it so much more enjoyable.

Nature, Flora, and Fauna

You should know that the Philippines are home to a particularly versatile range of animals, birds, plants as well as different sea creatures. There are over 200 mammal species alone in the country. You are going to be able to watch over 600 different species of birds and more than 300 types of reptiles. There are also more than 400 coral species here and an abundance of sea animals as well.

Weather and Climate

This is also a very important attributing factor when it comes to your dream destination. And, to be completely honest, it doesn’t really get any better than here. The best time to go to the Philippines is between November and May, but the average year-round temperature is about 26.6 degrees Celsius. This is definitely a perfect temperature to take a walk along the beach or to do whatever it is that you feel like.

Loungers and umbrella on tropical beach in Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean

In any case, that’s a country that brings a tremendous amount of interesting things to do and see. Regardless of whether you want to chill on the beach or to cruise around the country, exploring different cultures and traditions, this is the place to be. What is more, you will be capable of enjoying a whole lot of interesting destinations within the country itself. There is no shortage of things to do, and you can rest assured that you will want to come back for more as soon as it’s possible.