The ghan is the name of a popular Australian Railway journey which is being availed both by tourist as well as normal people. The ghan basically operates between Alice Springs and Adelaide however back in the year 2004 the track was extended to Darwin another popular destination of Australia. The length of the track is around 2979 kilometers and the duration of the entire journey is 53 hours. These 53 hours also include extended breaks.


Ghan has a rich history and the work on the railway track began back in the year 1878. In the year 1929 the track reached Alice Springs. Before the development of this track people use to travel via camels. Only one terrain is operational throughout the year in either direction. During crowded tourist seasons, a second departure is also made operational in ghan.

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The southern end of the ghan is Adelaide. Adelaide is one of the most renowned cities of Australia however there are no major tourist attractions in the city. The Ghan actually departs from Adelaide during midday. The ghan reaches Alice Springs within a span of 26 hours.

Alice Springs is basically located in a desert which means that the climate here is extremely hot. The Ghan stops in Alice Springs for around 4 hours which means that you can explore the place and visit some tourist destinations as well. The Ghan departs from Alice Springs after 4 hours, early in the morning. Since the train departs early in the morning hence most of the journey towards Katherine is in darkness. Upon reaching Katherine, the train again stops for approximately 4 hours. As a tourist you can enjoy the helicopter tour offered in Katherine.

The train will reach Darwin in the afternoon. Darwin is a beautiful town where you will get the chance to visit different cultures and traditions. The best place which you can visit in the town is Kakadu National Park. However the park is not opened in the wet season.

The fact of the matter is that air travel can be faster from Alice Springs to Darwin however the reason because of which people prefer, the Ghan is due to the fact that through ghan one can get the opportunity to see scenic sights, landscapes and tourist attractions. Secondly if you have availed ghan through a tourist company then that serves as an icing on the cake.


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