Planning a perfect budget trip to Maldives – Yes, it’s possible!

For someone to travel independently, the Maldives is one of the most fascinating countries. With the gaining momentum of this country as a tourist spot, there are guesthouses springing up here and there, almost on a monthly basis, thereby offering the travelers on a tight budget to explore the country in an affordable manner. In most ways, traveling to Maldives on a budget is in all ways superior to staying back in any of the luxury resorts. Although there are discount vacation card offered by websites which slash down the rates of rental resorts and other places, yet it is vital for you to know how you can travel Maldives on a budget.

As things keep changing in Maldives and as the number of guesthouses keep doubling every year, more and more travelers are turning up to this paradise on Earth. Here are few ways in which you can enjoy in Maldives even when you’re on a tight budget.

Budget travel and independent travel is a new concept in Maldives

The tourism industry itself is very new to Maldives. Previously, when tourists arrived at the Male airport, they walked past the airport all alone with no traveling agent greeting them. People felt like they’ve invaded the island against the wishes of the locals. There was a small group of islanders who would greet them with a ‘hello’ and mostly they felt ignored. The local women in Maldives seemed to be either too shy to interact or too curious to know the reason behind people visiting their uninhabited island.

Maldives can be toured within a budget

  • Hunting for cheap accomodation

The foremost thing to learn about Maldives is that there’s nothing that you can call super-cheap here. No, dorm rooms are never to be found in Maldives. However, you will find many Couchsurfing hosts and besides these, there are many budget guesthouses as well. With $30-$60, you can get a modern, clean and spacious room with a hot shower, air conditioner, snorkeling gear, free breakfast, a bottle of water every day and free room cleaning.

  • Cheap transport is also available

Transport also tends to be pretty cheap. The local ferries that you find in Maldives will definitely be infrequent but they are available at cheap rates of $2-4 an hour. If you wish to pay your visit to a resort, you need a speedboat as the ferries aren’t supposed to stop at the resort islands. Speedboats tend to be too expensive. Also avoid using the sea planes as they won’t fit in with your budget tour.

  • Locating inexpensive food hubs

With $5-10, you will get good food but considering the fact that majority of the guesthouses provide a huge breakfast spread, you may smartly skip lunch and again pay for your dinner. Food at $5 a day can’t be complained of.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been looking for an option to visit Maldives on a budget, take into account the above mentioned facts and details on this amazing country.

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