Indian cuisines which have made a mark globally

Indian cuisines which have made a mark globally

India is known for its diversity and variety in all aspects, particularly in food. Each state in the country has different food cultures and varieties.

Unique tastes and flavors are guaranteed in all the cuisines of the country. Most interestingly, Indian cuisine has carved a niche for itself in global scene as well. Indian restaurants have made their place in the global market. Infact foreigners have also shown great respect and ardor for Indian food.

London, one of the most prominent cities of the world, has some of the best restaurants of the world offering wide varieties of cuisines. The numbers of Indian restaurant London are also not less.

Each of them serves authentic Indian dishes made from the choicest of Indian ingredients. Though there are signature dishes of each Indian restaurant in Chelsea and London, there are some dishes which are popular in almost all the restaurants.

Some of the most prominent Indian cuisines, which have made a mark globally include the following:

  • Kebabs–When it comes to the best Indian food in London, kebabs need special mention. When it comes to kebabs, Mughals are masters of this dish. In London, kebabs have gained immense popularity with Indians as well as with the local people. Minced meat is used in the making of kebabs, with which varieties of spices are added and then it is cooked over charcoal fire. The flavor that emerges is outstanding. This dish works as a starter as well an accompaniment with rotis, flat breads or even naan.
  • Chicken tikka masala–Another hot favorite Indian food item which is immensely popular in UK is that of chicken tikka masala. The dish looks highly tempting with succulent inside and crispy outside and has taken the world by storm. The dish is slightly spicy and has a reddish color and rich texture. With use of authentic Indian spices, this dish can be accompanied with rice or even with naans and paranthas.
  • Malai Kofta – Though this is a vegetarian item, it is a huge hit in the various restaurants in London as well as in other parts of the world. It is a vegetarian version of meatballs and the main ingredients that go in the making of the dish include unripe bananas or gourd. The taste ranges from mild to being extremely spicy. The dish comes in a rich and thick gravy, which is made from tomatoes, spices and cream. The balls soak in the gravy and absorb the flavors and the spices. It is a Punjabi dish (hence the richness) and today one of the most favorites in global restaurants.
  • Dal makhni–Dal makhni consists of various kinds of lentils, which is cooked in butter and tomato puree. The whole item is slow-cooked over light and medium flame. The taste and texture of the recipe is extremely rich. This item has posed to be a great competition to other non-vegetarian items in the list. Dal makhni goes best with wheat preparations including naan, paranthas, chapatis, flat breads etc.
  • Palak paneer–Paneer is one of the most important ingredients, which is used in making some of the yummiest Indian cuisines. This dish is not only extremely tasty and delicious, it is highly innovative and healthy on the long run. The main ingredients used in this item include palak (spinach) and paneer (cottage cheese). High quality paneer is used in this dish for imparting the richness and creaminess. When it comes to vegetarian Indian food, palak paneer runs as a forefront contestant. Naans and rotis are the best combinations with this item.

Along with serving the best Indian food in London, the restaurants also provide that unique and authentic Indian ambience so that the food can be enjoyed in the best manner.

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