Camping requires people to face unknown situations in unknown places. It is an outdoor recreational activity that includes handling challenging conditions. Therefore, certain gadgets become necessities with regard to camping. These gadgets seek to make the experience of camping comfortable and enjoyable.

Following are a list of gadgets that people must carry while camping:

  1. Water purifier – It can be inconvenient to carry large quantities of drinking water while camping. Therefore, it is better to carry a water purifying gadget. Bottles in built with UV bulbs use the ultraviolet rays to purify water. These bottles are rechargeable and work efficiently.
  2. Stove cum chargers – There are certain gadgets available that are able to convert heat energy used for cooking into electrical energy. Heat produced by the burning of firewood or twigs used for cooking is converted to electrical energy that can be used to recharge devices like mobile phones.
  3. Compass – This is one of the most essential gadgets that one must carry while camping. There may be a possibility of people coming across paths and trails that are not marked. The compass enables people to find their way around a location and prevents them from losing their way.
  4. Flashlights – Flashlights help people to find their way after sunset. People usually camp in places that are unpopulated; hence it helps them to look in the dark. Of late LED flashlights have been introduced in the market. Their growing popularity over battery operated ones, is due to the fact they are rechargeable.
  5. Head light – This gadget can be strapped on to the head of the person. It seems unnecessary but its advantage lies in the fact that it frees the hand from the burden of holding a flashlight.

To travel comfortably while camping one must consider using hiking bags and shoes that will enhance the experience.