How to Spend a Mozart-Themed Weekend in Salzburg

How to Spend a Mozart-Themed Weekend in Salzburg

As you probably already know, Salzburg is a city in central Austria which happens to be the birthplace of the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Therefore, you can discover and experience many things that are related to music and musical culture.

If you choose to spend a weekend in Salzburg, then you might as well make it a special one – and what could be better than a Mozart-themed weekend? You’ll have the chance to discover the places Mozart used to visit, listen to his wonderful music, and enjoy some concert as well.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got your back and have a guide prepared for you. Therefore, in the following lines, you’ll learn what you need to do in order to spend a proper Mozart-themed weekend in Salzburg.

Remember that, before jumping in your airport taxi in Salzburg, you need to have a list of the following with you – as you really want to visit and do everything we are about to tell you!

Pleasant Mornings

So, you’ll spend two beautiful mornings in Salzburg – therefore, you have to make the most out of them. We recommend you that you visit and have your breakfast at the Tomaselli Café which can be found on Alter Markt 9 street.

Why this café? Well, it is said that Mozart himself used to come here in the mornings and order a glass of almond milk. So, you can choose your favorite breakfast food, but you should clearly go with a glass of almond milk as well if you want to get closer to Mozart.

Then, on the first day you could have a walk in Salzburg’s Old Town and visit the Salzburg Cathedral on the second day. Traveling around the Old Town will get you to Mozart Square where you can see a statue of Mozart.

On the other side, visiting the Salzburg Cathedral means that you will be in the place where Mozart was baptized.

Delicious Afternoons

Deliciousness can come in two forms – chocolate and a library of over 35,000 titles. For the ultimate sweet experience, all you have to do is go on the Brodgasse 13 street and walk into Konditorei Furst – here you can find the Mozartkugeln chocolate.

Mozart’s Chocolates are made of a pistachio-marzipan center dipped in a dark chocolate nougat – delicious, right?

As you have delighted your taste buds in the first day, you can delight your mind in the second day – on Schwartzstrasse 26 Street you can find Bibliotheca Mozartiana, which contains the most extensive Mozart library in the world.

Musical Evenings

Naturally, you have to end your days with some music/ opera. If a concert is what you want to hear, then visit the Mozarteum – on the other hand, for an opera performance, you should visit the Salzburg Marionette Theater.

Then, you can visit Fideler Affe, a tavern where you can dine and taste the amazing beer there, or you can go to the Hotel Sacher for a quieter dinner.

Moreover, you could also experience a candlelit concert and dinner at Stiftskeller St. Peter or visit Mozart’s Residence. After all, it is Mozart’s birthplace – almost everywhere you go, you’ll find something related to him and to his creation.

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