How to Plan a Florida Fishing Trip

How to Plan a Florida Fishing Trip

Fishing enthusiasts from around the country flock to Florida not only for its top beach destinations, but also the array of diverse fishing opportunities that appeal to all ages and skill levels. Often referred to as “The Fishing Capital of the World,” here you will discover an abundance of freshwater and saltwater hotspots to keep your vacation itinerary full, from the emerald waters in the Panhandle all the way down to the Florida Keys.

Whether you want to go deep-sea fishing or prefer to cast a line off the pier,  you can catch a monster bass one day and some panfish for dinner the next. Pack your fishing gear and get ready for an adventure, as these are some of the best fishing vacations in Florida.

Of course, you’ll need a fishing license before you start wetting a line. Florida sells both freshwater and saltwater licenses, so buy a license that will fit the style of fishing you’ll be doing. The fees are the same for both licenses, but there are different tiers you can choose from.

If you’re planning to be in Florida more than once in a year, it might be worth it to consider the non-resident annual license which sells for $47. There are is also a 3-day license for the modest price of $17 and the 7-day license for $30.

Our fishing trips are ideal for the novice as well as the experienced fisherman. Our fleet consists of the 90 foot Great Getaway (pictured above) and the 90 foot Fishn’ Xpress and the 40 foot Queen Conch. All vessels are Coast Guard Certified and equipped with the latest technology in navigation aids and fish finding equipment.

This is a long range advanced angler fishing trip. You will want to bring two to three changes of clothes for the trip. You want to pack like you’re going camping so bring a sleeping bag, pillow and maybe a sheet to sleep with on your assigned bunk. We do have a shower on board and many like to take a shower after fishing before going to sleep on the way home so make sure you have stuff to shower with like soap, towel and toothbrush and toothpaste.

We do recommend some shower sandals too. If you got one bring a small 6-12 pack cooler and a big thing of salt to brine your dead bait on the way offshore. If you’re not renting a rod make sure to bring your own tackle for the trip as well. Also, Closed toe shoes, we recommend fishing boots as the best footwear (anything else at your own risk). Cash if you want to buy food or drink from galley if you don’t have meal plan and to join the jackpot for largest fish. Finally, make sure to check FAQs page below for helpful info on what NOT to bring.

Most charters use live bait. Some of them will have your party help catch said bait on the way to your real fishing spot, so just be aware of that. If you just want to get right to the main action, you might want to ask your charter what they normally do.

Most charter boats are set up for a variety of fishing situations. You’ll need downriggers if the fish are especially deep. Outriggers are helpful for covering more water when the fish are scattered. More and more pro charters are utilizing kites when conditions call for a very specific presentation and a very specific depth. For artificial lures, you’ll likely be using spoons, jigs, or inline spinner baits .

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