How to Find Best Vegas Shows For Kids

How to Find Best Vegas Shows For Kids

You want to please your kids though you certainly do not want to have them to keep on the coin-op game all evening long. You will be delighted to know that there are plenty of activities and fun Vegas Shows For Kids that will safely introduce them to the great world capital of entertainment.

Mac King Comedy Magic Show 

  • Tickets starting from $36
  • Audience: All ages allowed

At first sight, you may think oh boring! As the outdated outfit of him may be off-putting, but don’t be discouraged by the retro costume and that awful hairstyle as we promise you all of this rusty look can bring out one of the funniest and most engaging performances especially for kids.

The O Show by Cirque du Soleil

  • Tickets starting from $126
  • Audience: 5+ years

As expensive as it may seem but this on in a lifetime experience for your kids is worth breaking the bank for. In the unique manner of all Cirque de Soleil productions, O creates an oceanic stage setting with some of the most exceptional synchronized world swimmers and actors of all kind. The display encompasses the charm of music, exceptional clothing and many 0ut-of-this-world decorative details to deliver the audience a performance they will never forget.

Adam London’s Laughternoon 

  • Tickets starting from $15.95
  • Audience: All ages allowed

Just to set off those expensive Cirque du Soleil shows, try this exciting Adam London’s comedy magic act, the Laughternoon. The show stars talented sleight-of-hand tricks with several sharp comedy scenes.

Jeff Civillico – Comedy in Action 

  • Tickets starting from $35.68
  • Audience: All ages allowed

Riding on a unicycle while juggling is not all that makes this talented performer fun for the kids. It’s actually his passionate engagement with the masses and goofy quirks that sweep the audiences out of their feet howling. Civillico is the real meaning of humorous, and that’s what makes his show fascinating.

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