Holidays in Tuscany: a travel guide

Holidays in Tuscany: a travel guide

If you are a traveller yourself, you are definitely aware of Tuscany’s popularity. However, if you never had the chance to try this beautiful region first hand, perhaps you may not get why Tuscany is famous all around the world. Giving a short answer is difficult, because this land has much, very much to offer. From its landscapes to its cultural treasures, from its cuisine to its wine, there are some things that you simply cannot miss if you go to Tuscany.

The Chianti cashmere goat farm

Located in the Chianti area, this sustainable goat farm is a little gem. It has some of the finest cashmere that you will ever see and its American owner, Nora Kravis, has lived there for more than 30 years. The farm is open to visits and even has a shop that sells cashmere accessories. Besides the opportunity to buy these objects, whose quality is extremely high beyond any doubt, what really amazes of this place is that it seems suspended between time and space, with an authentic aura that is extremely hard to find nowadays.

Trattorias in Florence

A trip to Tuscany is not real until you try one of the most famous trattorias in Florence. The trattoria Da Ruggero is simply the best place to eat the typical ribollita con cavolo nero, a local soup made from kale and polenta flour, with a drizzle of olive oil. However, do not miss the typical pappardelle alla lepre, a particular kind of pasta with hare ragù. A delicacy that you probably won’t easily find somewhere else.

Natalino, another famous trattoria in Florence, is known for constantly updating Tuscan specialties. It is a 120-year-old restaurant that for its whole existence has been run by the same family and has managed to keep culinary traditions intact while always reinventing itself and adapting to modern needs.

Alternatively, if you wish to have a wide range of specialties at your disposal, try the Mercato Centrale.

Rent a Villa

During a trip, there is no greater feeling than knowing that everything is being handled by someone else for you. Italian villa rentals tuscany is a good solution for traveling, especially if you are doing it with your family. Think about all the space at your disposal, the comfort of a swimming pool and a concierge service, ensuring you the everything is catered for during your stay. Tuscany Now and More offers a wide range of luxury villas that can make your trip pleasant and, most of all, relaxing.


If you are looking for a cozy experience and you want to stay far from all the crowdedness and noisiness of the cities, an agriturismo is the perfect choice. Tuscany is full of great places to choose, all of them located near to breathtaking landscapes, beautiful trees of olives and vineyards. Inside your agriturismo you will also have the chance to join tours to try local food and wines, visit the surroundings and discover the culture of the area. And if somehow you ever feel the need of moving to a city and pay it a visit, you can just choose an agriturismo that is close to it.

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