Haflong – A little-known hideaway in the Northeast

Haflong – A little-known hideaway in the Northeast

Haflong also referred as White Ant Hillock is the only hill station in Assam best known for its rich legacy and picturesque views. Haflong is near Silchar and belongs to Dima Hasao district and is a tourist delight presenting serene and calm along with rustic and wild surroundings. Haflong is known to be the dream destination especially for camping enthusiasts and nature lovers. Many honeymoon couples visit this place to spend a peaceful and Cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. The place is well known for its majestic views of maintaining ranges, trekking adventure a bounty of vibrant green forests.

Haflong tourism remains lively all year round as people from nearby town come here to spend peaceful vacations. It is a place situated in the midst of rolling mountains. You will enjoy a flowing waterfall, abundant greenery, rickety streams which will give you a memorable experience.

Best time to visit Haflong and how to reach

The temperature in Haflong is quite cool and remains uniform.  The best time to visit this beautiful place is in winter months as it is also the best time when many migratory birds visit the region. There are many ways to reach Haflong Hill station. You can reach this beautiful hill station by road, rail and air. The best among all if reach it by rail as this is the best way to explore the natural beauty of the hill station. There are many places to stay in Haflong to explore and newly married couples should not forget to book Haflong cheap honeymoon & romantic packages in India.  You will get many budget guest house, hotels, as well as at home stays here.

Places to see in and around Haflong

  • Haflong Hill

Haflong hill is known to be one of the major tourist attractions of Haflong and is very popular for hiking and trekking. Many tourists visit this place owing to its lush green forests and scenic view of adjacent mountains. The place is an ideal getaway for an amazing and serene vacation. It is the best picnic spot where you can enjoy picnic with your family and friends.

  • Haflong Lake

Haflong Lake is situated at the center of this beautiful hill station. The lake presents a majestic and amazing view of Himalayas and also offers a chance to tourist to engage themselves in boating. This lake is said to be one of largest natural water bodies in the state and is also recognized as the Scotland of Assam owing to its beauty.

  • Maibong

Maibong is situated about 47 km from Haflong at banks of River Mahur. The place has ruins of once flourished capital of the kingdom. Here tourists will observe remains of the stone house along with temple of kachari kings.

  • Jatinga

Jatinda is known to be the most popular bird watching centre and is the must visit place in Haflong. A serene Jatinda village just 9 km from Haflong earned popularity owing to the majestic views along with mysterious suicide of birds. Many villagers observe that specifically in the months of August and November birds of some species die.

  • Silchar

Silchar presents many significant tourists attractions as it is the nearest city. You can visit the beautifully crafted Bhuvaneshwar Temple which is known as must-see places in Haflong. You can also explore Badarpur fort here which is at the banks of River Barak.

  • Ethinic village

Ethinic village in Haflong is developed by Dima Hasao Tourism which is an effort to display ethnic tribes and build in vast acres of land. This village demonstrates natural beauty amid many trees as well as gardens long with huts which represent the tribe of the district.

  • Fiangpui

It is among the unspoiled places in Haflong and is known for the baroque church which was designed with architectural bliss. The main attraction of this place is the mesmerizing view which attracts tourist to visit this beautiful place.

  • Villages nearby

There are many villages nearby Haflong which are very beautiful and scenic. Some of them present waterfalls in the midst of jungles and are best or trekking enthusiasts.  Waterfalls in Samparidisa Village are breathtaking and exotic.

  • Orchids and orchards

Haflong is the best place to visit if you want to enjoy nature. You will get amazing, most elegant and delicious oranges and pineapples. You will also get some exotic flowers and orchids. An orchid garden if Haflong is known to be the must visit the place.

  • Adventure sports

Besides being a nature hub, Haflong is an ideal place for many adventure activities too. You can enjoy trekking and paragliding here. You can also spend quality time ay Bendao Baglai Waterfall nearby for some fantastic and breathtaking views.

Things to do and enjoy in Haflong

Haflong is a place full of adventure where you can enjoy many adventurous activities in the midst of excellent weather and fresh aura. One of the famous things in Haflong is cane and bamboo woven products which are crafted by local people of Haflong.  You will find handcrafted wooden products also which is one of the most famous products in the state. Another renowned thing in Haflong is handcrafted textiles which are specific in design and are special in it. It is the best place for food lovers too as you should try out bamboo shoot pickle of Haflong.

Haflong is a beautiful place and is best known for its picturesque views as well as rich cultural legacy. It is the only hill station of the state and so is known to be the major attraction for tourist. Newlywed couples will definitely love this place as it is said to be the best place to visit for an awesome honeymoon experience.

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