Experts Reveal Travel Lessons Learned Over Time

Experts Reveal Travel Lessons Learned Over Time

They say time is a great healer and teacher. Hardly anyone can disagree with this. In this article, we focus on time being a good teacher. Time converts amateurs into professionals or you could say experts. When it comes to travel, you almost always make blunders at the start and mishaps are a norm. As time goes by, you stop repeating the mistakes committed earlier. Adding on, you learn about things you never had a clue about before. Hence the travel experience turns better and better over time. Let’s take a look at some of the things expert travelers have learned through experience.

  1. Last Minute Air Tickets

Upgrades at the last minute are acceptable and in some cases even recommended. But a full proper purchase so close to the departure date is not a good idea. Some travelers have learned this through the hard way. First off, there is no guarantee that you will find a suitable flight. Secondly, you would have no choice but to pay the quoted price when there is no time or second option available. Thirdly, normally fares increase as time comes closer. With only a few seats left on a popular route, the airline is bound to charge a price of their preference.

  1. Choose the seats beforehand

Most airlines are willing to accommodate you with your preferred seat if you are making the booking in advance. Being stuck with an aisle seat or a seat next to the lavatory is a nightmare. Make arrangements beforehand to avoid it.

  1. Credit Card Points

Most travelers don’t know that credit card points are convertible into airline miles. If you convert them, you will find a lot of uses for them. But if you feel even the airlines miles are of no use at the present time, you have the option to sell credit card points. Instead of letting them expire, this is a much better choice.

  1. Luggage

Experts recommend one suitcase. More than one means you are adding to your airport troubles and making a smooth process complicated. “Travel Light” is one lesson every traveler eventually agrees with.

  1. Advance travel arrangements

Travel arrangements typically include air tickets, accommodation and transport. Make all the bookings beforehand to avoid unnecessary trouble. In fact if there is any travel activity that requires special arrangements, do that too before you get there.

  1. Invest in mobile internet and a local sim

It is hardly a good idea to disconnect yourself from the world in an unknown foreign country. Keep a local sim operational as it may be needed anytime to contact anyone in case of an emergency.

  1. Take security seriously                                                                                        

Inform your embassy about your whereabouts in the future beforehand. Also keep a family member or friend in regular contact throughout your trip. This is a security measure you should adopt no matter which part of the world you are visiting. Better safe than sorry!

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