Discover Singapore off The Beaten Track with These Activities

Discover Singapore off The Beaten Track with These Activities

Universal Studios, Chinatown, Orchard Road, and Raffle’s Long Bar do these names sound familiar? If the answer is ‘yes,’ you surely know a lot about Singapore and its specialties. However, there’s more to this spectacular destination than what meets the eye. The presence of off-beat tracks makes this destination a unique place to live, visit, and enjoy. If you are a globetrotter and love to go around the world, here’s why these off-beat Singapore tracks will enthrall you!

Specialties galore

Singapore happens to be a treasure island for avid travelers. Whether it’s the rich cultural heritage of the place, the quintessential Singaporean artwork, picturesque locales, vibrant markets, or wildlife, this particular destination scores high in all departments. You have to develop comprehensive ideas of these specialties and then opt for the online flight ticket booking process. Here are some adventurous tracks for the brave-hearts!

  1. Pulau Ubin

Also popular as the ‘Granite Island,’ Pulau Ubin happens to be one of the surreal destinations in Singapore. Apart from fishing and coffee cultivation, Pulau Ubin is famous for its rich flora and fauna. It has become a unique nature preserve in Singapore, and you can travel across the place on a bicycle.

  1. Tiong Bahru

If the classic old-world charm enthralls you to the tee, the vibrant, eclectic, and invigorating shops at Tiong Bahru will be the best destinations. The perfect balance between calm and quaint has transformed the place into one of the popular hotspots in Singapore. The artistic vibes and unique environ of the place impart a special touch to it. That’s the prime reason why most of the tourists never miss visiting this place.

  1. Kusu Island

Travel 5.6 kms from the Southern Islands, and you will reach the Kusu Islands. It is home to a famous Chinese temple, three ‘Malay Kramats,’ scenic beaches, and a famous tortoise sanctuary. Kusu Island is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after places in Singapore. However, it’s not yet explored or visited frequently! If you are planning to explore the unexplored territories in Singapore, the Kusu Islands won’t be a bad choice.

  1. Chip Bee Gardens

Singapore also bears the relics of the colonial era. With terraced white-and-black houses, it happens to be a peaceful oasis that exudes the old-world charm perfectly. With spacious rooms and luxurious accommodation, this particular destination happens to be the perfect enclave for expat residents.

  1. The Farmer’s Market

Don’t forget to tread on the magical tracks of the famous Bukit Timah, where you will come across the Farmer’s Market. It is here that tourists come across strikingly different scenarios. In spite of exuding the classic, rustic, and old-world charm, the Farmer’s Market is clean and tidy. That states the perfect balance of cleanliness and décor!

The common and popular destinations in Singapore surely attract numerous tourists across the world. However, it’s also imperative to explore the lesser-known places that reflect the classic Singaporean culture to a great extent! Associate with Tiger Airways, book tickets, and plan the trip today!

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