Best Vatican tours: what to see in Vatican?

Best Vatican tours: what to see in Vatican?

The Vatican is a unique place. Every person should visit it at least once in life. It is located on the territory of Rome and is one of the main attractions visited by all tourists in Italy. How to choose the best Vatican tours, if you have only an hour, a day or enough time to enjoy the beauty?

Since the Vatican is not only a popular place of visit for all travelers, but also the center of the Roman Catholic Church, the flow of tourists here is always very large. People from all over the world come here to see firsthand the beauty of the famous St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Vatican museums. After studying the tours offered by the website, we selected the most interesting ones for you. If you will not like our selection, you can choose a tour by yourself at their website. Just enter the necessary data in a convenient rubricator and in a minute you will have a ready list of tours.

Skip the Line: 3.5-Hour Vatican Museums Tour

One of the most popular walking tours. You are guaranteed to visit the famous Vatican museums out of turn! You will admire the masterpieces and artifacts of the Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultures. You will see unique frescoes by Raphael and Michelangelo (including the world-famous “The Last Judgment” and “The Creation of Adam”), amazing sculptures and paintings that you will not see anywhere else! At the end of the tour you will visit the St. Peter Basilica, where the masterpiece of the eminent sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti called “Pieta” (or “The Lamentation of Christ”) is located. The work of an experienced guide will make your walk interesting and informative.

Reserved Entrance: Saint Peter Basilica Self-Guided Tour

This tour is designed for self-examination of the St. Peter Cathedral with the help of an audio guide. To do this, you will need to download the application on your phone or tablet. Then simply select the desired language and start an exciting tour. Also, time will be reserved for you, so you can enter the basilica without a queue. This is a great option for those tourists who prefer scheduled sightseeing.

Papal Audience Experience Tickets with Expert Guide Included

A lot of people want to listen to the Pope’s weekly homily. And people can do it every day at 12 o’clock at St. Peter’s Square. But having an audience with the head of the Catholic Church is not easy. You should order an experienced guide if you want your tour left only positive impressions. At the beginning of the tour guide will talk about the creation of the Vatican and the birth of the papacy. You will be given special headphones so that you can hear the homily of the head of the Roman Catholic Church well. The Pope’s speech ends with chants and prayers in which everyone can take part.

The Vatican is truly an amazing place located in Italy. Here the most valuable and unique collections of paintings, books and sculptures are stored. It is the most important cultural center for all Catholics in the world. Sightseeing tours to the Vatican are very popular not only among pilgrims.

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