Alternative Rome: discover the eternal city with unconventional tours

Alternative Rome: discover the eternal city with unconventional tours

Those who visit Rome for the first time will probably turn their attention to the symbolic places and monuments of Rome in the world. So the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, San Pietro Square, Venezia square and the many other destinations recommended by tourist guides.

But there is also a Rome that escapes the traditional tourist flows, but that still reserves interesting surprises and suggestions. Visiting carefully all the beauties that Rome hides, can take several weeks, even months, to stay in the capital.

The alternative Rome includes those destinations outside the more conventional tourist circuits. If you are not on your first trip to Rome, you can decide to turn your attention to a series of unusual destinations, many of which ignore their existence.

Even the roman habitants don’t often know all the secret places and corners carefully. So the journey to the alternative Rome does not only concern tourists and visitors to the eternal city, but also allows the locals to look with different eyes, places that are absolutely worth discovering.

Often choosing an unconventional tour also means visiting well-known places but with new eyes, perhaps through expert local guides disguised as historical actors from distant eras or with the help of experts from some specific sectors, such as sommeliers or chefs, ready to make us part of a journey full of flavor and taste in which to concretely touch the beauty of the city, savoring the most famous and envied delicacies.

Today, thanks to the web, unconventional tourist circuits are increasingly appreciated and advertised. Many people want to avoid the routine of classic tourism, made up of long lines, waits and oceanic crowds. Rome more than many other destinations, preserves a collection of alternative places and routes, to be the envy of many cities around the world.

These unconventional tours are often the best choice even for those who want to involve the youngest of the family in a journey of historical knowledge. We all know, in fact, that children are often bored easily, especially when they are forced to walk for a long time seeing museums, architectural works and artistic buildings that they would like to avoid willingly.

Knowing how to integrate their precious presence in a tour means making them an active part of a path of knowledge that will remain in their memories for a long time.

With an unconventional tour Rome it is also possible to choose to admire Rome by bike or by scooter. These are alternative choices that will make the pace of the visit less monotonous, guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of all participants.

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