Air Travel Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Air Travel Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Getting through the airport formalities stress free is all what a traveler asks for. With some smart preparations, one can enjoy a smooth journey. In fact, being just a little mindful can avoid potential misfortunes and make it a safe and enjoyable trip.

If you have booked domestic flight tickets already, check out these quick tips next. These are sure to help you have a better experience, so you can return from our trip with only pleasant memories.

Unique Luggage

Many bags on the arrival belt may look the same. In fact, when so many bags are rotating on the belt and people crowding the space to look for theirs, it’s easy to get confused.

Stick a bright colored ribbon or tie a scarf around a handle of your bag, so that it catches your attention from a distance. This will help you to identify which are your bags and even stop others from mistaking your bag for their own. You can also use a GPS enabled luggage tracker for the ultimate security of your belongings.

Essentials Within Reach

Ensure that domestic air tickets, earphones, power banks, water bottle, neck pillow and reading glasses are kept in your hand luggage. These are basic, yet important items you may require in-flight. Having everything in your carry-on baggage will save you from unpacking at the last moment. In fact, choose a bag with many pockets, so that you know exactly where everything is and won’t need to dig out a lot of stuff to find what you’re looking for. This can keep you stress free and cut down on unnecessary anxiety.

Web Check In

Through web check in, you can book your choice of seats and choose the meal from the comfort of your home. This is a great way to avoid long queues at the boarding counter. If you do not have check-in luggage, you can head directly for the security formalities. Most flights make their mobile check in live 48 hours before your flight. Make the most of this domestic flight booking facility in India to avoid hassles during airport rush hours.

Comfortable Clothes

Comfy shoes and clothes are very important since you will be seated for quite some time. Make sure to wear a warm layer to avoid feeling cold during the flight. It’s best to wear open shoes that let your feet breathe and are easy to remove during the flight. Consider mules and slip-ons which are best, as some airports require you to remove your shoes during security check.

Airport Rules

Even before booking domestic flight tickets, read the airport rules and regulations. This will ensure your journey is hassle free. For example, no liquids or sharp items are allowed in your hand luggage. You cannot carry explosives, power banks or any prohibited items in your check-in luggage. Make sure to visit the official website of your airline to check the baggage weight limitations.

While inside the airport, make sure to follow general rules like maintaining the queue and giving way to senior citizens. Be relaxed, have a cup of coffee and take it easy. But, do double check all your essentials to get going like a pro.

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