There’s more to London’s cafes than just great brews. The capital is filled with top coffee houses and clondoncity have rounded up the best cafés and coffee house in London. Every cafés mention here, offer a wide range of coffees and serves in an amazingly way to make you more comfortable and impressed. Here is a list of leading coffee shops or cafés in London:

The Attendant

The Attendant coffee house is situated between the Thames and the Regent’s Park on the Foley Street. If you’re planning to stay in the famous hotel, Langham, this can be your favorite destination to chill out. The high-quality coffee of The Attendant is served with the beans by the Caravan Roastery. They also have a small section of hot snacks, tasty sandwiches, and cakes.


Notes café

The Notes café counts as one of the best coffee house in London. It’s situated in the St Martin’s Lane, which is close to the Coliseum and the Trafalgar Square. They serve fresh and amazing coffee with a mixture of pies, charcuterie, and pastries. The environment of the café is attractive with small and refractory-type tables. The café also has a CD shop and bookstore which makes it a great stop for coffee lovers.

Alchemy Coffee

It’s a small, artisan cafe located on Ludgate Broadway, in Blackfrias. They offer a wide range of coffee which is made from the locally roasted beans. People visited the café said that the approach of the staff to their customers are remarkable, they don’t disappoint you at any point. They offer four different kinds of beans coffee and can be ordered in three different sizes.

Department of Coffee

The Department of Coffee is another top café suggested by clondoncity. It’s located on the Leather Lane 14, in London. The building has some great decorations with somecontemporary art paintings on the wall. They served coffee with a number of well-tented roasters which is processed in the machine carefully. The café also serve baked good, snacks, drinks, and sandwiches, making it a nice atmosphere to visit.

The Haberdashery

The Haberdashery is a mixture of a community coffee hub and a playful tuck shop. It’s located in the Middle Lane, close to the Priory Park. The café offers the best coffee by making it faultless and also serves varieties of breakfast, sandwiches, and cakes. They also offer Italian hot cappuccinos, chocolates, and macchiato.


The Brill, situated at Exmouth Market, near to the London Metropolitan Archives. Earlier, it was a record store and then turned into a coffee shop. They offer both drinks and foods with a cool musical ambient. The very friendly staff of the coffee shop allows their guest to enjoy the lovely day with their beloved one.

Prufrock Coffee

It’s also the top coffee shop in the capital, located on the Leather Lane, close to Gray’s Inn Gardens. Space is little cozy and serves a good quality coffee. They offer artisan coffee which is made by using a method called Chemex filter system.

In a city like London, you can find many cafés in every street. Sometimes it’s hard to locate a good coffee shop, so take suggestions from the above-provided list and visit once to enjoy.