6 places to see in Northern Ireland

6 places to see in Northern Ireland

The top 6 places to see in Northern Ireland include world renowned locations for what they have on site or have done in the past. This includes a UNESCO World Heritage Site, history’s most famous ship and its sinking along with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

If this your first time visiting the North you may find the prices of hotels expensive. Other options include hiring a campervan in Northern Ireland or the South of Ireland and arranging your own itenary with 

The Giant Causeway

At three different points in time volcanic reputations have left a unique pattern of rock formation that has given birth to myths and legends which have come to be known as the Giant Causeway. The basalt rock columns are in the shape of hexagons or 6 sided polygonal. They are laid out in what appears to be a natural amphitheater, a chair and other recognizable formation that myth tells us was the home of the legendary giant Finn McCool. Best of all you can get up and personal with these rocks and enjoy their natural beauty. 

The medieval Dunluce Castle

The ruins of this castle are just down the road from the Giant Causeway on the coastal route. This was the home of the 1st Earl of Antrim. It is perched on a cliff looking out towards the sea. Over time the kitchen and part of the residential wall have been surrendered to the sea, but the rest of the ruins can still be seen standing.  Part of this castle is also on the Led Zeppelin album cover the Houses of the Holy. 

Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge

This unique bridge was first elected in 1775 by salmon fishermen so they could access the island and return to the mainland with their catch. The rope bridge has been maintained over the centuries and can still be used by visitors for a small fee. One word of warning  is that if experience vertigo, do not attempt to cross. While it is only 20 metres across, it is 30 metres above the pounding surf below. This is also located near the Giant Causeway.

The Titanic Belfast

This is the museum built by the makers of the world famous RMS Titanic, White Star to honor the great ship. Inside is the exact location where the ship was built. You will also be able to enjoy 9 interactive galleries along with workshops and tours all on the history of the great ship. 

St. George’s Market

This covered market place was first erected in 1890. Before that time it was an open air market. Today it is the last remaining enclosed Victorian era market in Belfast. It is open Fridays through Sunday where more than 300 merchants have goods to sell. There are also cafes and near the mid day meal musicians play for the entertainment of the visitors. Admission is free.

Nine Glens of Antrim

For those looking for natural beauty the Glens of Northern Ireland are the place to visit. There are waterfalls, cliffs, gorges, trails, lakes, villages and even ghosts. To see the Glens you begin at the Antrim Plateau and head towards the coast on A2.  For a scenic 10 km drive take the loop at Ballypatrick Forest Park that encompasses the Carneighaneigh Mountain. 

With this list of 6 places to see in Northern Ireland there is something for everyone. There is natural and manmade beauty along with adventure and even shopping. Enjoy Northern Ireland and its iconic places you can visit today. 

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