5 Interesting facts you didn’t know about Orlando – Know them before visiting the place

5 Interesting facts you didn’t know about Orlando – Know them before visiting the place

Orlando has been touted to be one of the biggest tourist attractions of the world. What is the first thought that conjures up in your mind when you think of the name Orlando? Despite being the infamous state for the Miami cannibal attack of 2012, the mother-daughter porn duo case in 2013 and the strict opposition of Obamacare by Gov. Rick Scott, it is still being regarded as the best state of America.

There are multiple reasons to fall in love with this Sunshine State – from its amazing food to its splendid culture to the gorgeous scenery; there are many reasons behind Orlando being considered as plainly awesome. Let’s check out few things which tourists and travelers don’t know about this interesting state.

#1: The people in Orlando visit Disney all the time

No, this might be slightly an overstatement but the people go too often to the Disney and why wouldn’t they? The popular Orlando theme parks always offer rebated prices for the residents of Florida. Depending on the time of the day you reach this state, you can cover this place as a day trip. Don’t miss Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

#2: People in Orlando don’t ever blink over a hurricane

Although the northern states are touted for their fiercely chilly winter days, Orlando remains unscathed by snowstorms. Instead, they have to worry about the hurricane season. Rather than getting snowy days, the people in Orlando are more familiar with ‘hurricane days’ when all the towns remain shut down and everyone’s eyes stay vigilant about the weather report.

#3: People in Orlando love craft beer

Throughout Florida, particularly in Tampa and St. Petersburg, the craft beer movement is extremely popular. At almost every turn of the streets, you’ll find beer bars. While the tourists and travelers can experience a cold pint with their friends, there are many who even have tours which are guided on the behind-the-scenes action.

#4: Orlando locals are habituated with seeing flamingos and alligators too often

Alligators don’t really bother the people in Orlando as they never see them hiding in the lakes. On the other hand, one can easily spot dazzling and sparkling pink flamingos. There are a host of itty-bitty lizards which hurry across driveways and sidewalks all the time.

#5: Everyone owns a boat

Canoes, boats, jet skis, kayaks, these are few things that are a must-have in Orlando homes. If you visit the West Coast, you will be treated gently to the calm Gulf of Mexico and right towards the East lie the Atlantic Ocean. Both are considered as a paradise for fishermen. So, if you love fishing, this can be a hotspot for you.

In between South Beach in Miami, Clearwater Beach in Central Florida and the Keys, you’ll never run short of intact and unharmed coastlines in Orlando. If you seem to be a beach person who is looking forward to an Orlando and Vegas vacation, this is the place to be in 2018!

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