3 Reasons to Honeymoon at Home with the Shades Drawn for a Week

Nowadays, it’s a challenge to have a wedding without shelling out thousands of dollars for the perfect dresses, tuxedoes, food and drinks, reception halls, and decorations. So, why would you only want to spend MORE money on a honeymoon? Sure, it’s memorable and traditional—but consider honeymooning at home, for a week, with all the shades drawn. Here are a few reasons to argue the case for hosting your own little honeymoon at home with your sweetheart.

Snuggles with Your Sweetheart are Just as Good at Home

Cuddles will feel as good at home as they will anywhere else. You can snuggle and schmooze at your leisure, right in the comforts of your own home. It’s not an exotic beach at sunset—but it is familiar, comfy, and ultimately where you will spend a large portion of your lives together.

Save Cash for a Bigger, Better Honeymoon Later On

If you choose to honeymoon at home now, you can always save cash and plan for a bigger, better honeymoon in a year or two. Give yourselves some time to get your budgets back up. No doubt, the wedding drained a portion of your bank accounts, so a paid for honeymoon at this point would probably be small and less-than satisfactory anyway. Wait a while, save some cash, honeymoon at home THIS TIME, and plan for a proper honeymoon in 12 months or so.

Or, Use That Honeymoon Cash for Something Else, like a Mutual Home Renovation

If you and your honey have been together for quite some time, then you’ve probably done the whole vacation thing together on more than one occasion. You know exactly what to expect. Which is all the more reason to choose to honeymoon at home. Use the cash that you would have used towards a honeymoon to do something that both of you want, like a major home renovation or a new car. Or, even better, talk to a Florida Downeast yacht dealer to put a down payment on a boat that you and your honey could take on as many honeymoons as you want.

When you honeymoon at home, you can plan pretend with your circumstances. With the shades drawn, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your at-home honeymoon. Perhaps you are snowed in with no responsibilities, no one around, and nowhere to be. Or, maybe you are stranded on a deserted island with only your sweetheart to keep you company. Use your imaginations, do some roleplay, and have fun with it.

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