Want to become one with nature? Go climbing in Slovenia

Want to become one with nature? Go climbing in Slovenia

Northwestern part of Slovenia is where Julian Alps are extending its peaks towards the sky. White humongous rocks with their peaks covered in snow most of the year, and green glacier valleys between them form the most beautiful coulisse for climbing. You cannot even imagine those splendid views until you experience climbing in Slovenia.

Climbing in Slovenia that we offer at Altitude activities offers many different routes to satisfy many different wishes of our guests. Our guests can choose between different climbing grades and lengths of their climbing experience. Climbing in Slovenia by Altitude activities even offers several different climbing routes to Mt. Triglav, the highest Slovenia mountain.

Can our whole family go climbing

Yes, climbing in Slovenia by Altitude activities offers some routes that are suitable from 8 years of age onwards. These are half-day trips, offering you a thrilling climbing adventure, as well as presenting you with stunning views along the way.

But that is not it… if you wish for more adrenaline, Altitude activities even offers ice climbing!! Ask about this in their office and they will be happy to arrange the best possible climbing trip for you.

Is climbing in Slovenia safe?

Climbing in Slovenia is safe if you are an experienced climber who knows the area or if you go climbing with an experienced licensed guide that specialises in climbing in the area you wish to climb. There is no need to search for a long time, just contact Altitude activities office and they will arrange everything for you. We have several superb licensed climbers in our team and even offer climbing with world champions. They will bring top of the notch equipment and take care of your safety 100%.

Make your climbing in Slovenia experience unforgettable!

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