Varanasi was known as Banaras and located in Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is the location which worth for visiting with Golden Triangle Tour. Varanasi consider as Holi city of India. There are many Holi places for Hinduism, Buddhist and Jainism most. This city is a symbol for purity and Worship and the Holi river The Ganga flow in this city which make it more valuable so it becomes the one of the Pilgrimage spot for Hindu followers since many ages. People treat this city as a land of Salvation so everyone wants to visit here to take bath in Ganga River and fulfil their wish of Salvation. There are many temples for Hindu, Boddh and Jains. This is a city of learning with Sarnath which is a place where Lord Buddha preaches his first Sermon. Varanasi is popular for knowledge, Philosophy, culture, art and craft. There are many Hindu Universities. Ayurveda is originating mainly from Varanasi.

This is a city where people treat their religion as their first duty and follow all the tradition with very heartily and has rigid believe in God which make them God fearing. People follow Indian and Western culture and traditional of Saari is the main dress of women. The food has also tradition flavours and culture and Kachori, chaat, Lassi etc. Banarasi Paan is very famous and this Paan is of different flavour. Street food is also available here a lot of food items love by all. Varanasi Tour Package is one of the cities which have huge production of silk.

The climate of Varanasi is hot and humid and has large variations between the temperature of summers and winters. In winter temperature dips down to 7deg. celsius and is most favourable for tourists. Monsoon comes here mostly in winters. Summers are usually hot and full of restlessness. Most of the tourist comes in winters because of great and secret river Ganga. Sarnath is the famous tourist place which locates in Kashi. There is variety of attractive sightseeing places throughout the year. Many tourist places include Ram Nagar Fort, Temples like Sankat Mochan, Kaal Bhairav, Nepali Hindu temples etc. Museum like Jantar Mantar and Saraswati Bhawan are full of fame. People come for spending their holidays and worshiping and feel religious for purity of soul. There come local Indian visitors most as purpose for pilgrimage many outer tourists adopt Hindu religion and follow this with great heartily.

There are many guest houses serve as free of cost for pilgrims and want to free from sins. There are many low-priced hotels, luxury resorts and guest houses which are save from stealing. Tourist should visit here Golden Triangle Tour for once if they want to see one more attribute of great Indian culture and religion.