Rafting in Slovenia is a really fun experience

Rafting in Slovenia is a really fun experience

If you are looking for a super fun activity, then you have come to the right place. Rafting in Slovenia is full of fun, excitement and breath taking (literally) moments. Rafting is an experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. No previous experience is needed. Check https://www.altitude-activities.com/water-sports/rafting-slovenia and see the options we have available. Or, stop by in our office and we will find a rafting in Slovenia adventure that suits you best.
If you are looking for refreshment on a hot summer day, rafting is one of the best options. Rivers is quite cold, even during the scorching hot summer months, so they really refresh you.

The entire family can go rafting

One of our specialities is family-friendly rafting tours. In this way, your kids can enjoy a natural playground and some adrenaline rush. We are sure that your kids will talk about the experience of rafting in Slovenia for a long time after.
Whitewater rafting is a great bonding experience for anyone looking for some of adrenaline and are not afraid to get wet. Enjoy rafting in Slovenia in beautiful surroundings. It is a perfect activity for families, friends, and groups. If you do not have previous experience or are rafting as a family, we can organise an easy tour. However, if you have loads of experience in rafting and are looking for adrenaline, we can arrange that too.

Are you ready for a big adventure?

We will be rafting downstream of either the gorgeous Soča or Sava River and enjoy the most beautiful views along the way. However, do not be too enchanted by the view. You have to listen to your guide, because he will tell you when and how to paddle. If you do what he tells you, your rafting in Slovenia will be as safe as possible, because all our guides are professionals, adrenaline, and safety freaks.
Challenge yourself, go rafting in Slovenia, and come paddle with us through exciting rapids.

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