Five of the Best Honeymoon Ideas

Five of the Best Honeymoon Ideas

After the all the stress and expense of having your perfect wedding, the honeymoon can often be an annoying afterthought. After just tying the knot, the next tricky question is where to go on what should be the best holiday of your life. A good honeymoon should make you relaxed; worry-free and refreshed to start the rest of your life together, but where to go? Everyone goes to one of Europe’s cities of love such as Paris, Rome or Barcelona, and a staycation wouldn’t cut it either- you’d just end up moving furniture around in your new house. Well, here to help you decide on the best honeymoon for you and your beloved, here are five amazing honeymoon ideas to give you some inspiration.

For many, a private island is the ultimate newly-wed fantasy but unless you’re friends with a multi-millionaire, it’s probably out of your price bracket. A whole island may be off the list but a private beach or even a floating paradise hut is possible as a once in a lifetime experience. If you like the idea of your own private beach for a week or two, try out the South Pacific’s islands and reefs, and if you want a hut over crystal waters, check out Hawaii or the Caribbean.

If you like the idea of the private hut in a tropical paradise, you could tweak this initial idea slightly and go glamping in a luxury yurt. The best news about this is that you don’t have to go all the way to the Central Asian Steppes to experience this amazing kind of living and won’t have to live off yacks milk either. Yurts are all the rage right now with packages even available at Glastonbury. In terms of honeymooning, Wales is a hotspot for this ultimate camping experience with the best of both worlds.

If Western Britain’s weather is not exactly what you’re looking for, but you liked the idea of getting back to nature, maybe a safari is a possibility for you and your animal lover. This is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity worthy of a honeymoon. What could be more romantic than watching majestic animals such as elephants, giraffes, lions and zebras in their natural habitat?

If you think you’re more likely to get bitten by flies and sunburnt out on the African Savannah, maybe a pampering spa retreat is more your cup of tea. The great news here is that this style of vacation is available pretty much anywhere in the world, from Eastern European thermal springs to the famed full body massages in Thailand. Here, you can bond with your newlywed in a Jacuzzi with a bottle of bubbly or hold hands lovingly while sharing a couples’ massage.

If you’d like all of the positive aspects of the above, the fall back honeymoon option is still on the table in the form of a cruise. They used to say cruises where for the nearly-dead, over-fed and newly-wed but with newer ships offering more than chess and tepid buffets, there’s plenty to do and see should you choose to leave your cabin. From your cruise ship you can see the whole world and the best thing is, you only have to unpack once!

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