Fashion Trends in UAE

Fashion is a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration or behavior. With the passage of time, fashion trends have been changed or modified. UAE is a place of latest fashion trends. Especially Dubai is famous for latest fashion. Here I listed some favorite fashion trends of UAE.

How do the Emiratis dress?

The Emirati outfit is similar to other Arabic countries and inherited from the Bedouin culture which conquered in the Arabic cape.

Both males and females wear veils and long sleeved robes. In this way, you have more protection from the sun. The traditional clothing is, therefore, best adapted for the local conditions except for the black abaya which must capture a certain amount of heat due to its color.

Abaya Trends

Now a day’s abaya becomes a most popular fashion trend in UAE and other Arabian countries. All around the world, the famous designers are designing unique and latest abaya designs with different patterns in different colors. In the beginning, the primary color of abaya was black. The simple black cloth used without any particular design. Now the trend is changing, various other colors and fabric materials are used for designing stylish abaya.

Embroidery and motifs along with other ideas are the basis of the latest abaya. The use of laces is widespread in different ways and is usually used on the borders. Hijab is a necessary part of abaya and needs to be stylish as the abaya.

Women of United Arab Emirates have inherent desire to change themselves and modernize as according to the society.

The dress code of a person represents his personality and character. It is a common perception that abaya wearing girls are more religious and decent.

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Loose Fitting and Flowy Clothes

For the much part of the year, the temperature in Dubai is quite burning hot. That is the reason, why girls prefer wearing the loose fitting fabrics. Loose fitting dresses also give a sense of comfortability. If you visit UAE, you must also buy the sunscreen too.

Handbags and Footwear trends

The world largest shoe store is established in Dubai, UAE. In various malls of Dubai, you can also find the branded and stylish shoes and the bags too. The Dubai street style also involves the hand bags and the shoes of the thrilling style. Hand bags are the best companion of girls.

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Sports Girls Outfit Style

You can choose the right kind of colors, and these appear to be best for sure. Sports girls look different and outstanding active persons in loose dresses. Trouser and shirt are most suitable dressing style. Kids and girls look like in funky style comfortable to wear and play with it.

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Women wear in Desert

Tightly woven cotton clothing is best for the Desert environment, keeping you cool and wicking away moisture. A shemagh is a simply a large cotton scarf and is a vital piece of kit at the desert. It will protect your face, neck, and head from the sun and dust. If you visit you should wear casual dress. Sunglasses are also an essential part of the kit of the Desert. It will protect your eyes from the sun.

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