Endless summer nights and gorgeous blondes at Sweden – Reasons to visit at least once

Endless summer nights and gorgeous blondes at Sweden – Reasons to visit at least once

You may have spent a large part of your life in different places all over the world but you can’t deny the fact that Sweden is undoubtedly the best rated countries on planet Earth. Not only that, it ranks highest as long as gender equality and LGBT rights are concerned and it also has a welfare system which works in an incredible manner. Sweden is home to unique landscapes and its natural beauty is something that is talked-of.

There are many travelers who go for Euro trips but they often miss out on Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Here are few reasons to definitely visit Sweden while on a Euro trip.

#1: Witnessing the different seasonal changes is bliss

If compared to different countries, Sweden might be a rather cold country but one thing that needs mention is that it has all the seasons, that too in a dramatic power. The best part about winter is the first snowfall which offers a magical feeling to the Swedes. Moreover, the midnight sun in the summers is something to look forward to. With the slight rise in temperature and when days get longer, Sweden is the country which comes to life. Swedes go almost half-naked and remain outdoors. With its beauty and diversity, Sweden is a country worth experiencing.

#2: You get a creativity boost in Sweden

As Sweden remains cold during the larger part of the year, the children and adults in Sweden spend enough time indoor doing a lot of activities like listening to music, reading books, creating and designing things and baking food. This makes Sweden one of those countries which are creatively thriving in the whole world. Every Swede you come across will have some kind of talent.

#3: Crayfish party during August

You must be wondering what the crayfish party is. Well, when you visit Sweden, this is one of the most unique and antique traditions in Sweden. People make decorations, design a huge plate with crayfish, wear the crayfish hats, a bib and sing silly songs that are finished by the famous schnapps. It’s a big tradition in Sweden and in case you’re visiting in August, you will get the opportunity see this entire mess. This crayfish party will definitely be a lifetime experience which will remain etched in your memory.

#4: Stockholm is just about the best capital

The capital of Sweden is just about right. With all the small islets, canals and islands, Stockholm is a wonderful capital. The rich culture and history offer a splendid visit and also the enthralling view of nature and a wide range of entertainment.

#5: The Vasa Ship

This is one of the well-retained ships which date back to the 1600s. This is a royal ship which is now found in the Vasa Museum of Stockholm. This ship is indeed remarkable and it shouldn’t be missed in case you’re visiting Stockholm.

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