Is Global Resorts Network the Right Discounted Vacation Provider For You?

Global Resorts Network, also known as GRN is a company that provides discounted vacations to over 5, 000 luxury resorts all over the world. The resorts offered are 3, 4, and 5 star resorts. In order to receive discounted benefits such as $298 for a week at a luxury resort, you must join either the Gold or Platinum Membership. I’m going to discuss in detail what this company has to offer it’s customers in terms of pricing and in terms of its resorts memberships. My goal is to give you as much information as possible so that you can decide for yourself if Global Resorts Network is the right discounted vacation provider for you.

I recently bought myself a Platinum membership to GRN and I’m happy that I got it. People that love to travel like me should definitely not go on vacation without this luxury resort membership. I have not vacationed yet as I just purchased the membership recently. My job keeps me busy, but I definitely plan to purchase a discounted resort for my next vacation soon and for years to come.

In the past when I’ve traveled, I never stayed at the nicest hotels because I’d call myself “financially savvy. ” I guess others would call me cheap but that’s okay as to me that means I’m smart with my money. I found out about GRN with my own online research. I looked into their luxury vacation memberships and at first I thought to myself that these memberships were too expensive. So it took me a while to let everything sink in. There were many things that I thought of that changed my mind and made me join Global Resorts Network:

1. I knew I’d be traveling to a lot of places in the future because of course I like seeing new places, tasting new foods, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. So why not travel to places and stay in nice luxury resorts with a discounted price too? I figure when I get older, I’d up my standards to stay at nicer places on my own or with people I care about to enjoy the finer things in life rather than travel cheaply all the time. Because we all deserve to treat ourselves to luxurious things sometimes. I work hard for my money. It’s only right that I reward myself for all my hard work.

2. It was a lot of work to find deals online. Sure when I found that great deal, it was a satisfying feeling. But I figured it would be great to just have a one stop shop of already discounted resorts that happened to be much more luxurious than my previous hotel stays. It would just make my life easier and save me a lot of time compared to my time consuming in depth online research.

3. I talked to customer service and they were very helpful. It was good to know that I had helpful customer support that would assist me find the best deals and show me how to use their online system properly to book vacations. This was the personal touch that I didn’t receive when just going online on my own looking for deals.

So you may agree with me on my thoughts above that swayed me to join Global Resorts Network. Some may not. I just wanted to let you know why I decided to join GRN. Well, I’ll get to the point now and tell you exactly the details of pricing if you ever decided to join GRN.

Membership & Pricing
There are two different luxury vacation memberships that you can choose from. The higher membership is called the Platinum Membership and the lower membership is called the Gold Membership.

The Platinum membership offers the following features:

1. Unlimited lifetime access: You will always be a member of GRN which means you will always qualify for discounted vacations to luxury resorts.

2. Access to all luxury resorts offered: There are more than 5, 000 resorts that Global Resorts offers. And prices range from $298 to $699 per week (8 days 7 nights). The Gold Membership’s lowest price for a week is $398.

3. Unlimited vacations a year: This means you can take as many vacations all over the world whenever you want. An unlimited vacation is a good feature especially if you’re a person that likes to travel around the world. With the Gold membership, you are limited to only 3 vacations per year.

4. The price for the Platinum membership is $2, 995.

The Gold Membership offers the following features:

1. You have a 3 year membership only.

2. Access to all luxury resorts offered: And prices range from $398 to $699 per week. The Platinum Membership’s lowest price for a week is $298, which is $100 cheaper than the Gold Membership’s lowest price.

3. You are limited to 3 vacations per year.

4. The price for the Gold Membership is $1, 495.

5. If you decide that you want to upgrade to the Platinum membership it will cost you an additional $2, 000.

You as the Platinum or Gold Member are the only one that can book resort accommodations. However, you can book resort accommodations for friends and family. You must book the accommodations for them and then they must show their I. D’s when they arrive at the resort. So it’s very beneficial to use the Platinum Membership for this because you have unlimited vacations each year unlike the Gold Membership that is 3 vacations per year. You don’t have to worry about the number of vacations you have left over with the Platinum as it’s unlimited.

So if you’re a person that likes to travel anywhere around the world to stay at luxurious resorts at a super discounted price or if you’re a person that is “financially savvy” like me, then you’ll strongly consider joining one of the GRN memberships. Why exhaust all your efforts like I once did going online spending a lot of time looking for that one great deal when you can just go to the source of deals which I call Global Resorts Network? If you think short term like I did in the beginning then yes the membership will seem expensive. But when you think about it in the long run and how many times you’ll be using the membership discounts, then it’s a deal that shouldn’t be passed up.

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