Why Should You Stay In A Palace Hotel In Udaipur?

Why Should You Stay In A Palace Hotel In Udaipur?

Udaipur is a magical marble mosaic and has an aura of romance. Its unmatchable scenic views comprise of purple ridges of the Aravalli ranges in every direction. The beautiful Pichola Lake enhances the simplicity of the fantastic palaces, temples, and Havelis. In 1829 by Colonel James Tod, regions first political agent in East India Company tagged Udaipur ‘the most romantic spot on the Indian continent’. Today 5 star hotels in Udaipur witness rush of tourists throughout the year who want to experience the royal flavor of the city.

Leisure and luxury matter a lot if someone is willing to enjoy every second of the stay. Finding the righthotel in Udaipur is crucial if you want to travel to the mesmerizing royal era for a few days. Think about the palaces when you plan hotel booking in Udaipur, as palace hotels offer you not only a slice of ancient royalty but also the modern comfort in the most lavish manner. Let’s see what palace hotels offer you.

Supreme Comfort:

Most of the famous 5star hotels in Udaipur are palace hotels and no less than any modern 5 star hotel. You get to enjoy all amenities including free Wi-Fi, spa, entertainment, and local and international cuisines.

Perfect Locations:

The famous heritage hotels such as The Leela Palace Udaipur are preferred for their locations. The Leela Palace is on the banks of Pichola Lake and offers you the panoramic view of the lake.

Authentic royal cuisine:

A palace hotel can be a real treat for food lovers. People who love to taste different authentic delicacies are always eager to know more about heritage food. Rajasthan is known for its food specialties, and most of the palace hotels are known for serving their authentic royal and heritage food specialties in an interesting manner.

Live like a Maharaja:

Rajasthan is known for its royal lineage and where else would we get an opportunity to experience it other than a palace hotel. Live like a Maharaja in the rooms where once the royal family lived and travel down to the history for a few moments.

The 5 star hotels in Udaipur, which are the palace hotels are the upscale places where you get to experience a blend of royalty and modern amenities in the best possible way. For example – The Leela Palace holds the title of ‘World’s Best Hotel 2019’. This palace is knownfor its warm hospitality and royal charm.

Udaipur is a city of palaces, visiting here will attract you towards the beautiful palaces, which look like flamboyant stars in the sky which grab everyone’s attention and leave them speechless.

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