Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

He has stood by you all your life, pushing you and guiding you to be your best. Father’s Day is the day that you celebrate all things Dad or the other Dad-like figures in your life. No matter what his tastes, the perfect gift for him is out there!

Hit the Clubs

If your dad loves the smell of the fresh green on a warm day, treat him to an afternoon of golf. A day on the driving range might be enough for the more casual golfer, but if Dad is a serious enthusiast prepare for a day of all 18 holes. You will all be tired and sweaty after wielding clubs all day, so make sure to treat him to lunch. If you live in the area, Maricopa restaurants are a tasty choice.

All Work and Some Play

Some dads are the Ron Swanson type: Passionate for building and working with their hands. Tap into his creative side and set up a day where the pair of you complete a project together. If he’s a gearhead, help him work on his car. If he’s a woodworker, build a birdhouse together. You know your father best, so plan an activity that the two of you can enjoy together.

Literary Pursuits

If Dad is a bookworm, take advantage of this hobby. Peruse his favorite tomes and buy him a collector’s edition, or schedule a date at Barnes and Noble or your local library. Books have been bringing people together for thousands of years, so bond with Dad over a good one.

Game On

Forget everything else for the day: You and Dad have a video game competition to participate in! For the dad who is glued to his gaming console or PC on his days off, spend some time with him playing his favorite games. Race together in Mario Kart or blow things up in Call of Duty. Whatever Dad’s game of choice is, he will appreciate you taking the time to spend with him playing it.

Teach a Man to Fish

Most men find solace in the middle of the lake: Drinking beer, casting a line and being one with Mother Nature. Take your father on a fishing trip and spend the day together in a rowboat. Quality time with Dad is time well-spent!

Thank your dad for everything he has done for you over the years. Make his Father’s Day unforgettable, one-of-a-kind and special — just like he is.

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