What is that I need to do before I leave for Hajj?

What is that I need to do before I leave for Hajj?

Hajj comes round every year and millions of Muslims from across the world travel to the holy city of Makah in order to offer there reverence before Allah. In this journey one faces a lot of troubles therefore, preparation before you land there is pivotal. What do you need to get done before you set off? We will tell you about a list of things which you need to know that you have and have well prepared before you leave for the Hajj. If you are traveling from Pakistan then you can hire the best Hajj group in Islamabad to make your journey easy.

How is your Physical Health?

This journey unlike your ordinary trips does not involve the enormous level of luxury once you set out of your hotel and start to offer the rites one by one. For that, your physical health should be intact. The main problem in this entire period is that it involves a lot of walking and strenuous exercise which makes the person tired and exhausted. What can help you here? Since we all are not super-humans and we do need to get our body used to these situations, it is better to practice some walking before you set out for your journey. So, for this it is highly advisable to walk for half an hour to build the stamina every day 15 days prior you set out for the journey. Not only that but also you need to have a complete physical checkup. This is done in case to avoid any kind of health condition when you reach there. Plus, along with you documents you need some verification medical certificates as well so that you do not become a carrier for any disease to the Hajj where several people have come for offering their supplications.

What do I need to carry during the Journey?

First of all we suggest you to carry only what you need, not your entire house. Hajj has its own rites which will keep you occupied all the time; therefore, carrying unnecessary stuff will only burden you. Instead, try focusing on having everything that you might need there immediately but not be able to avail there at that particular time. This can include your medicines; general and specific disease related both, in access so that in case you lose or have to extend your stay, do not fall short of them. Secondly you need to have things like petroleum jelly, white cloth sheets to be used for ihram and some comfortable flip-flops to walk in. since there is going to be lots of walking, make sure the shoe you wear is durable and comfortable. Other than that carrying unnecessary clothes or things will only hamper you from moving easily from city to city in order to offer the rites.

Even if you are interested in short Hajj packages and plan to hire a Hajj group to arrange some VIP Hajj package for you, you still need to take care of all the above mentioned stuff. So, whenever you are planning your Hajj, do take them in consideration.

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