LA Taxis – Newcastle’s Premier Taxi Company

LA Taxis – Newcastle’s Premier Taxi Company

LA Taxis are proud to be Newcastle premier company and are delighted to be providing a high-quality taxi service throughout the north east for over 20 years.

We currently have over 300 drivers working for us and as part of the wider Dean Group, we undertake over 20,000 taxi jobs a week throughout the north east, including Taxis in Newcastle, Durham, Northumbria, Whitley Bay, Sunderland and beyond.

Our fleet of taxis is immense with every type of car available, including luxury cars with uniformed drivers.

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a Newcastle Taxi company and feel privileged to be serving our local community based around Newcastle.

We’ve always looked to promote ourselves as Newcastle Taxi Company and have contributed to numerous initiatives and campaigns over the years.

For example, we recently offered free taxi rides to army veterans on Armistice day in 2019 as well as free taxi rides for vulnerable people throughout the north east.

One campaign that is close to the heart of LA Taxis Newcastle founder, Rob Armstrong is the Tiny Lives Campaign, where Rob recently raised a staggering £72,000 for charity!

However, there are simply too many initiatives to name as we have been involved in literally 100’s of different types of projects over the recent years.

We’ve also always looked to promote Newcastle as a city. Being a Taxi company, we understand the importance of projecting a good image of our beloved city to those outside as it can certainly have a knock-on affect on the local economy.

Newcastle United Football Club have become synonymous with the city. The football team has certainly made the city famous around the world and it’s a great honour and pleasure for LA Taxis to be sponsoring Newcastle United.

As well as football, we also sponsor the Newcastle Eagles, our cities major basketball team as we look to increase sports activities amongst the young throughout the north east. That’s why we regularly give tickets away to the home matches.

We’ve also seen Newcastle become a popular destination in recent years and it’s certainly a long way from the impression that Newcastle used to have when the founders of LA Taxis were first driving taxis around the city.

The taxi business has come a long way over the years and we’ve seen some major changes hit the industry. With the advent of technology affecting every aspect of taxi business, LA Taxis have been committed to riding the waves of these trends and incorporating the latest technology to improve our taxi service.

One of the things we have introduced and promoted heavily in recent years is the LA Taxis app. The app allows you to book a taxi in seconds and with just a few clicks on the phone. We still cater for the traditional customer who prefers to book a taxi over the phone, however, we have seen a big increase recently in the number of people who are switching to book taxis via the app.

As we head into 2020, LA Taxis will continue with the responsibility of providing an outstanding taxi service in Newcastle and the north east.

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