Hyderabad – The Pearl City

Hyderabad – The Pearl City

Mumbai (originally ‘Bombay’), the capital of Maharashtra is a densely populated city in India. However, you might want to plan a holiday trip or a weekend break out just to rush away from the daily tie-ups. You could have millions of options for different places to visit but choosing Hyderabad is the best option indubitably, you can ever think about for. It is one of the historic places in India. It promises a unique reinvigorate experience from historical visits to mouth- watering cuisine, the place has so much to keep you glued with. If you are looking forward to make a journey to Hyderabad from Mumbai, you don’t have to trouble yourself. It is very simple. All you have to do is to check the tickets online for Mumbai to Hyderabad Flights and pack your bags to board down to such a beautiful tourist place.

Here are some of the interesting spots which you would love exploring in Hyderabad:

The famous Charminarof Hyderabad is located in the Old City and was constructed by Sultan Mohammed QuliQutb Shah in the honour of his beloved wife Bhagmati. It is embellished with 4 towers in each corner. It accounts for 45 prayer spaces which is still visited by the people mostly on Fridays and occupies a small Mosque at the top. The best time to visit the place is in the month of October and March. It seems spellbind during night hours as it is covered with lightings.

The Golconda Fort, an impressive structure which was built by QutbShahi Kings containing 8 gates and 87 bastions is just 11 km away from the core city with a well-connected transport system. The gates are very huge and have pointed iron spikes on them. The tour of Hyderabad is incomplete if you do not visit this fort.The system of phonics in the Fort is something which magnetizes each and every visitor.The clapping sound at the entrance itself is audible at the ‘BalaHissar’ which is the highest point and is just a kilometre away. Basically, this system was in use for communication purposes in order to alert the royals in case of any attack. It is usually said that Golconda Fort was once used to be a famous market that magnetizes the merchants across the world. The famous Kohinoor and Hope diamonds including others such as The Regent Diamond, Darya-e Nur, Nur-Ul-Ain Diamond were stored in the Golconda Fort.

Ramoji Film City, one of the largest film studios in the world has been enticing tourists from every corner of the country since 1991. It is this big that it can house almost 50 film units at a single time. It is also recorded in Guinness Book of World Records as well. It is located about 30 km away from Hyderabad and has a spread over 2500 acres. Its marvellous architecture and sound technical facilities makes it preferable for all the pre and post production of a film. On an average, the film city sees almost 10,000 visitors on daily basis.

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